I am a huge fan of building athleticism in young children through a big variety of activities. Crazy right?! Well, in youth sports training, unfortunately it is not very common. I urge you the athlete, or the parents of the athletes, to push for getting good at many different things at an early age.


Play many sports. Take your kids to many different parks. Expose your children to uncommon sports. And don’t get wrapped up in early success of your kids.


Parkour is one of those weird sports, in the same way that BMX is weird. Initially I saw people jumping off of buildings and railings, flipping, spinning, and doing crazy things that I never would do. I though to myself – “why the hell are they doing that?”… probably in the same way people look at BMX.


As I looked into the sport deeper, I realized just how impressively athletic these Parkour athletes are! To be good at Parkour, you have to be explosive, agile, coordinated, strong, and daring.


With the rise in popularity, we will see Parkour gyms pop up. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to get our kids moving.


If you want your child to be a good athlete, you have to make sure they are good at doing athletic activities, regardless of the sport.


Just because the activity doesn’t look anything like riding a bike, does not mean your child/athlete or you will not benefit from learning the activity.


Thanks again to Mitch Burke (my client) for teaching us these moves! Follow him on Instagram if you would like to see some more of the things he’s learning.


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