Be honest, you have been slacking hard and eating really shitty since Grands. I've seen all the Twitter posts on what everyone has been eating followed with #offseason. I'm not here to bust your balls; I've done my fair share of slacking too. Now as we wrap up these holidays and start to get focused on training for next year I think everyone needs to come up with some goals and a plan on how to achieve them.

Alright, it's time for the yearly re-cap of what we have learned this year. After probably hundreds or thousands of hours of reading and working with a group of kids I train, I have began to really see a pattern in what makes a successful athlete/bmx racer. Take a few minutes to read and think about some of the mistakes you make and how some of these could improve your racing.

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog. Now that the weathers cooling down it's easier to be indoors and on the computer. This summer has been a real challenge to fit in everything I need to do and still try to stay in shape. Then on top of working an average of 60 hours a week since June, kids, wife, trying to keep house from falling apart, I've crashed more this year than probably the last 10 years combined. I had to really take a few steps back from improving my training to just heal up and deal with some nagging injuries.  

Here's an interesting blog post by Elsbeth Vaino that looks into how some of the best athletes in the world got to the top. Parents this maybe something to think about before you dedicate your kid to only racing BMX. I also think BMX is

Lately I've been reading alot of fitness articles that have changed my mind about strength training and my bmx training. I realized how I may have slowed myself down by training. I may have over complicated many things that didn't matter and put off the things that do. I'm don't think that my training was bad, it just wasn't what I needed. I also think many older riders are making the same mistakes. Let me explain.  

Jumping Rope like a boxer   I've never been able to jump rope very well, let alone sing any songs while doing it. I also never really saw any benefit to jumping rope. For some reason I gave it a try last week. Down in my basement where no one can see me I picked up a kids jump rope and gave it a try. After wacking myself in the ankles and back of the neck a bunch of times, I finally started to get the hang o

Here's a link to a great article by Coach Jason Ferruggia, about some simple ways to improve athleticism. I recently heard that on average people above 30 years of age lose 1.7% of their power (speed) for every 1% of strength. This is probably why a 135 pound 14 year old kicks your butt down the first straight. You may…

I ran across Nate Green's blog at the beginning of the year. He has tons of great posts on everything from health and exercise to food. This post isn't bmx specific but If you read it with bmx in mind you will probably find some good things to help you in life and racing. Take some time to read this…

  I had a great workout this morning! It was even warm enough to ride my bike to the gym. I thought when I got home I would make a post workout smoothie. Experts say for optimal recovery you should shoot for a 4:1 carb/protein ratio. For my smoothie I used  a can of pumpkin, 1/2 scoop of natural vanilla protein…

Really good interview with Tony Hoffman. Tony caught my attention last year when he began posting up videos and articles about training for bmx. I really liked what he had to say and how he was always thinking about how to get better. I asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.