If you have been reading the articles on my website and listening to the BMX Racing Podcast… you probably have noticed I don’t put out content with extreme frequency. I’ve chosen to record podcasts when the mood hits me. I want to focus on providing thoughtful, interesting content and I have someone that I think is doing interesting things, and has something great to offer.

Well, I’ve been hearing about this guy up in Portland for a while by the name of Scott Hagnas. I originally heard about him on the Paleo Solution Podcast with Robb Wolf. Since then I’ve friended him on Facebook and followed him on Instagram (it’s getting serious now). In just the last few years, Scott has picked up his bike and started to flatland again. This dude turned 50 and is still improving his skills on the bike!




















With his knowledge of BMX, extensive background in nutrition and high-performance fitness, I knew Scott would make a great guest. We went into his history, some silly questions, nutrition for sprint athletes (BMX racers), new technology and how he uses it, learning new skills, and unconventional strength training for riding bikes. I thought it was a great interview and look forward to chatting with him again.

















If you would like to check out what Scott is up to, see his gym, or follow him on social media…



Blue Ox Gym



















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