I’ve been racing BMX since 1995, where I started out racing 14 year novice. It was one of the best times in my life. I and my group of friends all started at the same time. For about the first 10 months I was probably one of the worst riders out of all my friends. That year we went to the ABA Grand’s in Oklahoma City. It was the first race I ever traveled to. I made the main, and got 4th place in 14 Novice. My friend Joel got 3rd in the main. That was the last time he ever beat me.

Something happened to me when I got back from Grand’s. The next race at our local indoor track, I was going way faster than ever before. I remember holeshotting an open moto and beating one of the top experts in my age group. I quickly won my next two Novice races and turned Intermediate. The Inter class was much tougher than novice, but I remember winning my first two mains, and beating my other friend Wes. I don’t think he ever beat me again.

I never thought much of this point in my life, but after reading the book “The Little Book of Talent”, I realized what happened. Racing Grand’s changed me; it was my “ignition”. It’s what happens to people that turns them from participant to competitor. It’s the point when you subconsciously realize that you can ride faster, and you can win races. We have all seen this person, who was a mediocre racer, but for some reason, all of a sudden started winning races. I think of riders like Kyle Bennett, and Mike Lundy. They both were good riders but never were a threat to win nationals. One day, for some reason, they flipped a switch in their brain and became some of the best riders in the world.

This is why I created this website. Places for riders to learn, develop skills, optimize training, ride and train with some of the best riders in the world to help them reach their “Ignition”. Whether it’s taking you from Novice to Intermediate or from top Expert to Pro, this will be the place where you want to be to Ignite Potential!

We live in a crazy time where children are spending more time on their phones than they do outside doing any physical activities. An average teen sends over 3000 text messages a monthIt’s no wonder that around 30% of children are overweight and  are 17% obese.

Humans have a desire to feel a sense of belonging and self worth. The best way to build this is not through social media, but by building self esteem through accomplishing goals and learning new skills.

No longer is BMX just a little kids sport. It’s a great way for a hard working kid with good grades to get a scholarship to race for a college BMX team! It’s taking racers all over the world to race and visit countries they would never have otherwise traveled to. BMX is finally stepping up its game. It’s time for you to step your game up, and start training with today’s cutting edge training methods.

Coach, Jake Stephenitch



Jake is owner and trainer at Spark Fitness Culture – a small group training facility in Sandwich, IL









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